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Thread: Red Hinds and Goats

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    Red Hinds and Goats

    Prices for Red Hinds this coming season are 90 per outing for AM or PM Outing
    I took a goat outing this week and saw high numbers scattered around our hills ,
    Goats this year are the same price 120 with a trophy fee of 120 for any billie over 22inches
    Roe does can be shot on these outings if the chance appears
    Packages including wild boar can be arranged
    Im busy until end of October on stags but start on hinds straight after
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    Taken a few bookings on goats today
    Thanks guys

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    Any shot fee or other charges on the hinds?

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    Just got back from my first trip on the goats with Solway Stalker, will do a proper write up soon. But a really nice bloke, fantastic ground & got 2 nice Billies. Can highly recommend him

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    colin so a outing fee on the goats is 120 and the only extra on top is a 120 trophy fee if you shoot a billy over 22 inchs , below 22 inches no shot/trophy fee correct ???

    also colin how does a goat outing work is it a am or pm or different ?????

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    Yes , the most it would cost is 240 if you get a trophy Billie or 120 for the outing
    Doesnt really matter what time but i prefer morning if possible , before walkers get out and about , they spook them further up the hills

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    thanks colin

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    thanks colin

    You would have a good time with Colin, top guy with a good sense of humour and goes out of his way to put you in the right place.

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    All breeds of dogs trained, puppies and older dogs sometimes available
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    Another good day on the hill on goats , pics added tomorow
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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