This is about 6 years old, has had a few hundred rounds through it and I've done a lot to it.

I replaced the ridiculously heavy trigger with a Rimfire magic one at a cost of about 45, I have polished the return bars for the block and bought the upgrade magazines for it. I must admit to never having any more stoppage problems with the 10 round mags but haven't worked in the 30 round one yet.

The plastic stock is great and brings it to bear quickly. the Nikko Sterling Scope on top will be replaced with a Hawke 3-12 x 42 or the nikko can be added for 70. It's a 1-4 x 20 red and green dot. Too much scope for the gun but never mind. It has some scrapes from Landrovers etc - most visible on the SAK mod which comes with it.

This is a great fun plinker and I can get inch groups at 60 - 70 yards with CCI semi rounds, which it prefers. I'll add 400 or so of those to the deal.

As it is I'd like 220, with both scopes 300 or 285 with the Nikko. I'm just of J17 of M4.

Thanks for looking.