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Thread: Lamp / torch / spotlight

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    Lamp / torch / spotlight

    Hi all, looking for a recommendation for a decent hand held searchlight. I am not looking for a lamping kit just a massive powerful hand held torch for lighting up my fields at night to check on the sheep / fox / deer etc ..

    Does anyone have an amc hid 85x torch from one of the ebay listings ? Or any info on where to get what? I have gone through three loans of high power torches non of which work at all due to the old not looking after the lead acid battery saga during summer!

    Hope per to get some advice

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    Plenty of threads on this - Nightmaster X-Searcher very good for size weight etc, and allows you to swap LED's for different colours. If you want serious light output, get a Surefire Hellfighter.......
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    Check thread above from red dot whom started it
    Plenty advice

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    Have a look at the Sunwayman T40CS very powerful with a genuine 200yd plus throw build quality is fantastic love mine.

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    Great thanks

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    got me a skyray t6 4000lm ,begorah its daylight .30 quid off evilbay

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    Fenix tk75. Truly staggering. On a par with HID. £130 well spent. Uses 18650 lithium rechargeables x4.
    You can spot sheep in a grass field at well over 500m despite the very wide beam. On low setting it last a week or somehimg stupid. Fits in pocket, just. It's painful to look at the beam in daylight with your eyes closed 15 ft away. Ignore the lumen or candlepower claims on eBay, or anything imported from Asia. If you want to compare torches, go to

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    Ludicrous lumens would be a good start, good kit and a really nice bloke to deal with too.
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    I would recommend an Olight m3x, very powerful, I use one for all lamping and daily at work. Sub £100 with full gun mount kit on eBay.

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