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Thread: spider time

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    spider time

    Its that time again when them bloody huge spiders come in the house, my daughter is petrified of them, cant say I like the myself,a couple of years ago I was putting my work polo shirt on in the bathroom, just as I was sort of straightening it up one of them huge spiders was just about to climb up my chin, jeez Ive never, moved so fast to brush it off, made me bloody shiver I can tell you, I dont mind snakes, am glad we dont have turantsulas over here

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    Somebody said they come in through the open windows, apparently if you put conkers on your window cills there is something they dont like about them and it stops them from coming in.

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    your niehbours wont like you throwing your conkers about on the window sill either mate,
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    Show me one of those big spiders and I can beat Usain Bolt out of the blocks. The spiders we are getting at the moment are huge and I am not too proud to say they freak me out. I swear they have Tattoos and wear Dr Marten Boots.
    Me and the wife have an arrangement. I kill Moths and she does the Spiders.


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    Ugh, I bloody hate 'em! I'm fine with snakes, rats, everything else but spiders I can't stand. I can be in the room with one, but can't touch them. Nasty little blighters...
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    Lol the youngest daughter has the answer out with the hover and suck them up.
    Time for the biggest spider in the house picture i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndeere View Post
    Lol the youngest daughter has the answer out with the hover and suck them up.
    Time for the biggest spider in the house picture i think
    That is exactly how I deal with them, I hate the bastwards, real phobia about them.
    Apparently the large ones which are found in the house at this time of the year are 'common house spiders'.
    Reading this thread has got me lifting my feet off the floor and using the table as a foot rest

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    I don't mind them at all, the wife is scared to death of them & I find it so funny, the little girl (4 year old) will pick them up and chase her mum around the house with them.

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