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Thread: 22 rifles

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    22 rifles

    hope some people can help me make my mind up do i go for a 22 bolt action or go for a semi auto the bolt would be a mae custom and the semi might be a rimfiremagic if anybody has used these info would help .

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    The souped 10/22's are fantastic. They really are. The rimfire magic ones are some of the best on the UK.
    Great bits of kit. Guy at my club had one, very accurate.

    That said, my 200 quid Marlin bolt action out shot it consistently with me behind each. A bolt action is more accurate and quieter (for one shot) by design.

    Personally, if I was spending big money on a .22 I'd go bolt action. I don't think a MAE custom job is required. A nice used heavy barrel (or not, your choice) CZ, a boyds stock (if you fancy it), 80 quids worth of scope and the moddy of your choice and you're away. Plenty out there that will already have most of this stuff.
    If you want it more accurate, send it to brock and Norris or the like and they'll square you away with a new crown etc.

    Just at my two pence. If you want a custom, and why wouldn't you, go bolt action.

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    Honestly if it was me I would go with the bolt every time and I have owned both over the years, but then again its not me and in all honesty you should try both before you buy preferably shooting them on a range or in the field and go for which ever YOU prefer simple as that good luck on your purchase.

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    22 rifles

    Rabbits: bolt action, subs, moderator
    Practical Comp: Gucci Ruger 10/22, Minimag and a list of modifications far too long and tedious to type this time of night.

    Good reason for at least two .22 rifles.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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    Get a bolt action, they will shoot any bullet you choose to use. In my experience semi autos are a jam waiting to happen and it will happen when you least want it. I use a Brno/CZ bolt action and it has been faultless in the 30 years I have abused it


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    I suppose over the years I have tried pretty well every semi-auto on the market, and apart from a Walther (one of the very expensive ones) I have never found one that matches up to a bolt action model. As far as the two 10/22s I had best not even ask about accuracy, they were awful! I still have a CZ512 that is pretty good.
    ISSC from I believe Highland Outdoors do a straight pull model that with practice isn't too far off a semi for quick fire, it is also accurate, at least the one I had was.
    Bottom line is that bolt action 22s will always outshoot a semi.

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    If I were going moderated, I would get the Ruger 10/22 with the integrated suppressor, which looks like an 18 inch bull barrel.

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    I have both, and both have their place. My Sako Finnfire is a first class bolt action rifle, accurate and dependable, ideal for those longer range rabbits. It has a heavy varmint barrel so can be quite a lump to carry around for long periods.

    My semi-auto is a Voere - a great little under valued rifle. I've had it for over 40 years and couldn't begin to guess how many rounds I've put through it. I use it in gallery comps and in the field and have very few problems with it. It's very accurate (but not so accurate as the Sako) and has the ability to lock the breech so can be shot like a bolt action or semi-auto. The trigger is a bit spongy and it has an unfashionably long barrel.

    The answer to a reliable semi-auto .22's is to keep them clean and some may need a bit of juggling with recoil spring weights to reliably cycle subsonic rounds.

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    i grew up shooting a semi auto, fun
    now have two bolt actions

    never lost a 2nd rabbit or crow because I was too slow reloading (and i have all my used brass!)

    infinitely more accurate "out of the box" than all but the most expensive, "fettled" semi autos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern View Post
    If I were going moderated, I would get the Ruger 10/22 with the integrated suppressor, which looks like an 18 inch bull barrel.
    I found that the 10/22 action cycling is louder than the suppressed round!

    Why get a custom bolt action? CZ's right from the box, will shoot ammo-capable groups. I have several (ahem!) BRNO#2 rifles and they are so accurate that I haven't had the need to pull my new but still-unfired CZ 452 American out of it's box where it has been resting for the last 6 years. I have a couple of customs on 77/22 Ruger rifles but they won't out shoot the CZ's.~Muir

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