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Thread: Rifle sling swivels

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    Rifle sling swivels

    I'm a relative newby to stalking I'm going on a course in Nov for two days, I've got a .308 and a scope although I'm kinda dubious about the scope I've still got to zero the set-up and in time get myself a mod but don't know what do about a sling and I'll need swivels as well anyone got any suggestions ? along the lines of which are most practical, quick removal or fixed, I'm willing to listen.

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    +1 for Uncle Mike's swivels. They came with a sling I ordered from America & were so much better than the ones I had been using.

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    And a thumbs up for the Niggeloh sling

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    West lothian nr livingston cheers guys thanx for the info
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    Having tried, and broken a number of different swivels I now use TALON. Bombproof and none of the fiddly screws that rust up and cant be undone on a February morning when it's cold enough to freeze the barnacles off a brass dinghy.

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    Eeyan -

    What kind of rifle do you have, and what sort of fittings in the stock already for the rings?

    There are different kinds of studs, and some totally inlet. Some of the ones with studs have several different hole sizes, some English ( which the American swivels fit ), and some metric.

    Whatever you have, someone here has the same thing and can tell you what will and won't work.

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    Hi there, I have a Savage Edge, not long just bought it the studs look fairly ok to me as for whether they're imperial or metric I have absolutely no idea.

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    They are English, and the Uncle Mikes should fit like a charm. You want them to fit snugly and not rattle around.

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