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Thread: pinewood clothing

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    pinewood clothing

    Anyone got any pinewood jackets or trousers how do you rate them

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    I have Pinewood trousers, bought them on offer....find them excellent for the money

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    What are they like with allday rain

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    Hi Weatherby,
    I bought a pair of Pinewood trousers about 20 months ago and have worn them a lot in that time, very comfy with the elasticated bit at the back of the waistband and plenty of pockets.
    Waterproof wise I would say they are good and like most other types of trousers in that style the water seems to wick up the leg according to the depth of the ground cover you are walking through it also seems to dry off quickly.
    I was going to get another pair when I was in Keswick from the Nordic Outdoor shop there but they didn't have any at the time. I will however be getting another pair in a few weeks.

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    Just wondering if anyone knows where to get pinewood gear from. They have a nice range of gear on their site, but never heard of the uk distributor.

    Jackets | Hunting | Products | Pinewood

    what do people think?



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