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Thread: UK Customs

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    UK Customs

    Has anyone recently purchased items from across the pond (USA).
    If so, how long is it taking to clear customs?

    Cheers Aye
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    Quote Originally Posted by ROE224 View Post
    Has anyone recently purchased items from across the pond (USA).
    If so, how is it taking to clear customs?

    Cheers Aye
    I haven't bought from the US - other than when I've visited there - but I have been buying a lot from New Zealand recently. At most items have been held up for a week whilst Parcelforce have sent me the letter asking me to pay duty and tax
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    on average im waiting 2-3 weeks for a usa delivery as im getting about 6 a week there is a lot of stuff sat waiting for delivery to me at any one time
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    Three weeks for some dies from Sinclair recently.

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    For me usps is taking about 8 days from New York

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    Every time I have bought from the US shop or private it takes about ten days to two weeks max

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    I bought some armrest for leverage high seats and I got an email on the 26/08/14 to
    say they landed at uk customs they haven't landed here yet

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    3 days with UPS or FedEx cost's alot tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camo304 View Post
    3 days with UPS or FedEx cost's alot tho.
    You can afford it though mate

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    YOUR agent (UPS, DHL, FEDEX, Royal Mail etc.) have to pay the duty and VAT up front. If you have an account then it would have been cleared before departure from USA.

    No account means clearance is handled in UK. Paper not electronic. YOUR agent will choose to get the money off YOU up front. There is a daily charge by HMRC for goods not cleared based upon declared value. Should YOU choose not to pay then YOUR agent still has to pay the duty and VAT. Hence the charge for clearing, they don't know if they are going to be stuck with an increasing cost because someone has gone on holiday etc.

    No pay means YOUR agent gets legal right to the goods and just sends them off to auction. All they want is coverage of THEIR outgoings.

    Now, there has been a lot of talk on this forum about foreign retailers billing Delivered Duty Paid. Yes, it does work. They use UPS, DHL, FEDEX etc who calculate, collect and deliver the tax to HMRC as part of the delivery fee charged by the vendor.

    USPS just dump into Royal Mail or Parcelforce and they then become YOUR agent.


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