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Thread: electronic ear defenders.

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    electronic ear defenders.

    Has anyone got an opinion of the Howard Leight impact sports.Used a pair of sportacs last season but for their cost,they didn't last and stopped working.Got some cheap debens but they are looking a bit tatty.
    What I need is a reliable set that will work in all weather's and communication is reasonably clear.


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    Hi bumble, if you can, go for the msa sordin pro x, bought a pair earlier this year and really pleased with them, had them wet through a few times and really beasted them on the pigeon and centrefire, overall very impressed with them.


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    Cheers,I'll have a look.

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    Have had other models of electronic Howard Leight for machine operation out in the weather for the last two years. Good and comfy, got sweaty inside most days, wet outside and the radio has just given up. Giving them a couple of days in a warm dry cupboard to see if I can revive them, if not I'll buy another pair.

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    I am the impact sports and they are great- much better quality than more expensive alternatives. I do find despite their slimline profile they impact with shotgun cheek weld a bit. I do find however that on the range with someone shooting an unmoderated .270 they are insufficient and I wear ear plugs underneath.

    I bought mine from amazon as they were the cheapest by a country mile. I am happy to answer any other questions you have.

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    Cheers for the replies.The MSA' s look spot on.Just need to get my head round the expense.If my tax rebate turns up they might be on the cards.Although I will use them for shooting myself,I need a set to comunicate with the 'gun' when loading in all weather's and a lot of gunfire.I think rain killed the sportacs.

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    Its your money but I can't see what the MSA's offer over and above the impact sports considering the huge cost difference (MSA's are 100 more!)

    The Impact Sports seem well made, are very comfortable and have AUX in if you need it.


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    One of the things the MSA Pro-X's offer is that they're waterproof. They also offer gel earseals (at extra cost), which hugely increase comfort (at least for me), and seal better around shooting glasses.

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    Go for the MSA Pro-X's with gel ear seals you won't be disappointed. I've used them for loading, game shooting and range work in all weathers and they are so comfortable you can wear them all day.
    Expensive but worth every penny.

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    Hello All. Reading this with interest as I too am looking. I was thinking of going for the Peltor SportTac ones. Anyone got an opinion on these?

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