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Thread: Driven Boar Hunt

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    Driven Boar Hunt

    did anybody else get this email? Anyone else keen on attending?

    Let me know and ill forward you the email

    Dear All,

    As you may remember, last year we organised a one-off hunting weekend in the Loire Valley region of France. This took place at the end of November and 21 hunters joined us for two days of driven wild boar shooting. I have attached a couple of photos which show our group at the end of each day’s hunting.

    Due to the success of this weekend, we have decided to organise a similar event this year. This would be an all-inclusive weekend of driven boar shooting, most probably in November. Once again, we will limit the number of people in the party to around 20 as this allows smaller groups and single guns to meet other like minded, former Chasse de la Loire hunters.

    As before, accommodation will be provided in a local hotel and we’ll be organising two full days of driven shooting on two of the area’s best-known hunting estates. Hunting permits, insurance and airport transfers will be arranged in advance of your stay.

    As with last year, the anticipated all-inclusive cost will be in the region of £995.

    At this stage we are keen to gauge interest in this weekend. If you think you may like to join us in November, please do drop us an email and we will start putting the finer details together.

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    so you recommend it then?

    Do you know anyone else who offers boar huniting in the area?

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    Hi sp4rkman.
    As i said I didnt go on the driven hunt. When I went they didnt have that particular facility. I drove down during the summer and it was the most wonderful driving experience. When I got there in late afternoon the sun was still high and hot and the area which is heavily wooded just captivated me. So as you see I have good memories of it. The shooting on the estate perhaps did not live up to what I was hoping for but overall the trip was very worth while. I dont know of any specific outfitters in that area but I know they exist. I shall have a look and if I find any I shall pm you.


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