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    Unread Messages

    Hi Alex

    Really impressed by the new forum layout, thanks for all the work youve put in.

    Just a small point however. Is there any way to view all unread messages, rather than new messages since last visit? MAybe me just being dumb but cant see a way to do this.



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    Hi Stephen,

    I'm not sure it makes a distinction between new/unread to be honest. When you are done with the What's New list you can click Mark Forums Read to clear the list then, by definition, anything 'New' next time will be unread?


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    Hi Alex

    What I mean is that an unread message remains unread until read (obviously). Some forums you can select to view all unread.

    New messages are only new from the last time I log off. If I log on and only have a couple of minutes to read a thread or two, the next time I log on the remaining un read are no longer new and I have to trawl the various sub forums to find them.

    As I say only a minor inconvenience, I just hate to think I've missed anything


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    Right, I have tweaked a few settings... this is what happens now...

    • What's New will show you all Unread posts. It doesn't matter if you leave the site and come back, they will stay in What's New (up to 30 days)
    • Once you read the thread it won't show in What's New any more, unless someone replies to it again.
    • If you click Mark Forums Read it effectively clears What's New until someone makes a new post.

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    you are trully a star Alex. This seems to work exactly described. Now I can get some work done/sleep at night without fear of missing anything

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    I pressed "Mark Forum Read" in error.

    Can I undo this action?



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