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Thread: best moderator calibre?

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    best moderator calibre?

    What's the opinion on which calibre is the most effectively moderated? I've done a thorough internet search but can find little quantifiable. So deer legal only, which calibre is the quietist moderated?

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    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    .22lr subsonics.
    Deer legal in Scotland??

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmck View Post
    Deer legal in Scotland??
    Sorry - missed the deer legal bit.

    There is no perfect answer for supersonic rounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post

    There is no perfect answer for supersonic rounds.
    +1. Lets not have this degenerate into another moderator debate

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    Deer legal, but not in Scotland, would be a big thumper 45/70 or the like, running a heavy slug subsonic. BIG, slug.
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    Attachment 46493Single shot .577 NE, .510 whisper or .458 win, short barrel, integral or custom large reflex moddy, pure lead cast bullets (expansion) with a weight over 750 grain. Pushed at 1050 fps. Deer legal by a nice margin.
    You can even go to 950 grain cast in 510 whisper.
    Gives this kinda deal...I've thought about this a lot

    With proper twist, should be stable aswell depending on which option you take.
    Sorry i feel this may not have been what the OP meant.

    Deer legal is tricky mate. Muntjac and CWD is achievable easy though.
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    I would look for a reasonably low pressure cartridge that pushes a reasonable sized bullet with minimal amount of powder and that is already pretty mild. Two cartidges come to mind - the 6.5x55 and 7x57 in older loaders with long heavy bullets. You have less amounts of gas and lower pressure and speed to deal with.

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    Interesting stuff but I was referring to supersonic loads

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