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Thread: Free rabbit & fox control in suffolk/essex

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    Free rabbit & fox control in suffolk/essex

    Hi im looking for rabbit and fox shooting in suffolk/essex border area. Experienced and insured. All crops/live stock respected

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan71 View Post
    Hi im looking for rabbit and fox shooting in suffolk/essex border area. Experienced and insured. All crops/live stock respected
    These adverts never go well on a shooting forum.....have you tried knocking on doors like the rest of us?

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    Hi Dan71,
    I don't know what the 71 stands for but it could stand for the 71 thousand others asking for the same thing.
    Sorry, I couldn't resist that but I'm afraid it's not that easy these days unless you are very lucky indeed.
    Knocking doors or getting to know somebody willing to share is the only answer these days.
    However, good luck.

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    Get out and chap some doors! Or offer a swap with another member. Everyone is after ground and as someone who trials spaniels I can tell you getting access to decent numbers of rabbits is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    If your experienced, surely you would have access to some ground!

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    Got to love a tryer! Join the queue, you'll have to work for it, it doesn't come easy.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Good luck feller join the Q" essex is prob one of the hardest to find shooting as we are very close to the city and the cash cows of london !!!, as others have said knock on doors but expect a lot of blanks and ^&*& OFF's as others have pissed off some many farmers around due to not having a clue how the countryside works sadly we have all been tar'd with the same brush !!! But whatever happens be on your best as they all know each other, word of mouth is your best bet and being in the right place at the right time. or as it soon will be the game season try get some beating that way the keeper's or farmers can see how you are and may help you gain some bunny bashing later on.anyway best of luck .Ps remember a small gift at xmas and offer free help around the farm should they need any, its nice to give back for the trust that's been given.

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    I do have lots of land. I have got on top of the vermin. Just thought i put this up as you dont no whats around. After i put this up i got about 3,000 acres from a neighbours estate.

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