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Thread: LH Rem 700 .223 SPS - What is it worth??

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    LH Rem 700 .223 SPS - What is it worth??


    I have a left handed Remington 700 .223 SPS Varmint rifle which I rarely use these days so I was thinking of moving it on in a cabinet reshuffle.

    The barrel was trimmed to 18", recrowned and threaded M14x1 by Steve Kershaw.

    It has the 'lovely' original synthetic SPS stock (with a few marks). Barrel and action are almost damage free, with just the odd cabinet mark.

    Original trigger fettled to give a pull of about 1.75lbs (from memory).

    I would guess the shot count to be perhaps 500 max, from what the previous owner told me and and what I have fired.

    What would be a fair price for this in a private sale and what, roughly, is a dealer likely to offer me as a trade in (accepting it would depend to some extent on what I was looking to buy off them)?



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    The LH action makes it more valuable than A.N.Other rem700. Given the condition, age etc I would have thought that 450-500 would be a fair face to face price. It's the sort of price I'd pay if I were in the market for such a rifle.

    I have no idea what an RFD would give you for it, I don't know what sort of profit margins they need to operate.

    I'm assuming too that you aren't including the scope. I'm on a mobile so I can't tell if it's worth 70 or 700...

    Hope that helps,

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    Thanks Guy,

    There are not many of these about, but not many LH folk either - so I was stuggling to gauge a fair and achievable price for the rifle (only). Dealers are asking 595 for generally similar SH rifles on Guntrader.

    Local dealer happy to do commision sale but not cash buy, which is fair enough.

    If it goes up for sale I want it gone not sitting there for weeks to be honest.



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    Since there are more left handed shooters than rifles you'll be unlucky not to make a sale. Good luck!

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    Yes left handed shooters get few pickings for true LH actioned rifles (around 3% of the rifles on Guntrader) however they should not be assumed to be cash cows. When these arrived in the UK a few years ago I could have purchased a new one in .243 for 550 GBP. Based on this and the round count I would have thought 350 GBP max private and 250 to 300 GBP trade. But this is just my opinion and if someone want to pay over the odds then result.

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