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Thread: Jeep Grand Cherokee. N23 Recall

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    Jeep Grand Cherokee. N23 Recall

    If anyone on the forum has or knows someone with a 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Commander of the same age that has had the N23 Recall done please read on.

    I took my Grand Cherokee to Elgin last October for the N23 recall, a software update for a safety issue, see below.

    The Final Drive Controller Module (FDCM) software on your vehicle
    (VIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) may unintentionally cause the transfer case to shift
    into the neutral position without input from the driver. This condition could
    allow the vehicle to roll away inadvertently while the vehicle is parked and
    cause a crash without warning.

    In January this year, on going to select low the warning "service 4x4 system" appeared on the display and low wouldn't engage I asked about fearing the worst but was told to have a look on the internet as there had been problems with the N23 recall. After gleaning all the information I could I phoned my Jeep dealer about the problem explaining what I knew, she said Jeep sent out an email regarding this problem and that I should book the vehicle in for a reflash or something similar.
    Took a day off work to go to the dealer a two hour round trip where they did the "reflash"

    A couple of weeks later on going to engage low the same warning appeared and no low in the week after the "reflash" the Jeep had gone in and out of low a few time with no problem.
    Another call and another trip to the dealer arranged, this time I was told they could try the procedure three times after which they would have to look at another solution.
    Job done and home again.

    A few weeks later when in low I went to engage high and "service 4x4 system" appeared again but this time I was stuck in low We were out with the dogs so only a couple of miles from home so crawled home at 20mph.
    I called the dealer on Monday morning to be told I would have to arrange at my expense a truck to take my Jeep to Elgin and having no choice I did.
    This time they struggled to get it out of low but did manage, they contacted JEEP UK who advised them to check all the electrics wiring etc which they did and all came back clear, I was then told that JEEP UKs techies had said fitting a new actuator WOULD SOLVE THE PROBLEM, initially they said I would be charged for this, I think the part was £340 and labour was £180, I protested this and as a good will gesture they agreed I would pay labour only I agreed if this was going to solve the problem, although I told the Service Manager that I couldn't see how changing a part because of what I though was a software issue was going to solve the problem to which he said he could only do what the JEEP UK Techies had advised.
    Again the Jeep was booked in and the new parts fitted, but was told the connector plug was corroded inside so they fitted a new one I thought this would have been one of the first things checked during the electrical and wiring check they did previously, They waived the labour charge for the actuator but I agreed to pay £90 for the new plug. Again I went home hoping that this would be it but wasn't convinced.

    A few weeks ago on a trip to the hill I engaged low as there had been flooding with the rain we had making the ground boggy. On leaving the ground at around 8pm I went to engage low when I reached the road "service 4x4 system" and I was stuck in low I called the AA who said because of the weather conditions they would be around five hours to recover me

    Again on the Monday morning called the dealer to be told I would have to do all the arrangements to have the vehicle recovered to Elgin
    This time I queried the Service Manager about a software update for this problem to be told they had received a memo which he quickly showed me saying any Jeeps with the noted software should be updated to this new one So my Jeep has had the new software installed and thankfully last weekend on a trip to the hill everything worked when I really needed it to

    Almost everytime I'm out I try it in low and so far it's working as it should but I have lost all confidence in the vehicle and have contemplated selling it, this is my fourth Jeep Grand Cherokee and have found them reliable, very capable off road and great value for money, until now where it has been The Jeep network that has been the problem.
    I must add that the Elgin Service Manager was 1st class during this time(around seven months) with me being less than polite as this saga wore on.
    I don't think I will be replacing this Jeep with another one.

    The brothers Jeep is booked in for the fix on Tuesday in Kemnay, and they're telling him porkies already saying they will have to do a diagnostics and probably fit a new actuator, so I've given him the number for the service manager in Elgin
    Jeep also told me that my vehicle is the only one to have suffered badly, which is absolute bulls**t going by what's on the internet.

    For all the people with the vehicles noted at the start,
    IF YOU HAVE HAD THE RECALL DONE AND NOT HAD THE REASON TO TRY IT IN LOW PLEASE TRY IT A FEW TIMES BECAUSE IT WILL FAIL AT SOME POINT, and if your none the wiser JEEP will probably try and charge you for the fix.
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