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Thread: i3 night vision housing

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    i3 night vision housing

    for sale Collins electro optics i3 night vision housing one of the best housings glass out there uses cmount lense on the front so you can use eney magnification you want 1x up to 30x comes with 3x front cmount lense rear class mint housing 99.9 mint runs on single cr123 batterey( no tube is fitted} but runs on eney gen3 mx10160 or dep gen2 2+simple drop in two wires to connect these units were designed to fit behind a telescope for deep space observation so cost a lot and are very robust and never come up for sale im looking for 315posted next day delivery. ideal with a tube fitted for spotting but fit a 1x front lense ebay 15pounds it could be fitted behind a day scope for shooting pay pall ok will not be sold for less than the asking price sorrey no offers if I put this on a astronemey site id double my money giving the diy night vision lads a go at a good price thanks if you want it say you want it on hear look up Collins electro optics i3 night vision on the internet to get idea what is for sale
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    going on ebay tomorrow. last chance lads lots off gen3 tubes up for sale at the moment on ebay under 600pounds so one tube 600 my unit 300 total 900 and better than eney starlight stuff costing 2500 and cheaper than envis pvs14 this unit will not be sold on the site after midnight tonight thanks rob il happily fit tube for free to who ever purchases the unit

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