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    Info please on reloading 22/250 out of a blaser barrel 53 grainers wat powder you useing? Vit 135? I wanted to use 55 grainers and use vit n 140 which I use for my 308 but can't get my hands on any around here ,

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    35.5 grns vit 140 55grn sierra hp game kings.

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    Benchmark if you can lay hands on any.

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    For the difference of 2 grains in bullet weight you could use the data for 55 gr bullets. Start off nice and low as usual mind. At my club an experienced reloader got a deal on 160 grain FMJ bullets in .357 (odd weight for caliber) and just used his 158gr load and worked up to what he wanted.

    As always with reloading, double check this.

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    I use mainly N135 or, failing that, Reloader 15 for my 40grain, 53grain and 55grain loads.
    Varget is ok but not as good as N135 IMO.

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    send orvil from the site a pm im sure he has some vit . he trades as mbr sporting and he is allways lurking around bisley and lives close by in surrey. he is a good guy to deal with and he will not rob you blind on the price

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