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Thread: Advice on Weaver scopes

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    Advice on Weaver scopes

    Just wanted some opinions on weaver extreme scopes, are they man enough for a 243

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surgemaster34 View Post
    Just wanted some opinions on weaver extreme scopes, are they man enough for a 243
    Tons of info / reviews via google

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    weaver scopes good bud manufactured in japan same as night force sightron vortex had a grand slam on a Remington magnum no problems

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    From my experience with a Weaver Classic Extreme 2.5-10x50 IR SF i would rate them as extremely good value for money with excellent optics and build quality ,overall build quality is as good as anything out there - including top end German (and i own / use Zeiss / Schmidt etc ), the optics are not quite as good as the german's in very low light - but there is not much in it , a few minutes less shooting at most.The classic extreme is made by the same OEM (probably 'Light Optical Works ') as the Nikon Monarch Gold and also the Lynx LX2 2.5-10x56iR (South African brand - sold by Global rifles in the Uk ) , i am a fan of the illuminated reticle - a fine variable brightness dot in the centre of a no'4 type .But beware - seems the usual is happening - whilst originally made in Japan manufacture appears to have been switched to a Philipines factory , having said that Phillipines produced optics are suprisingly good (its more about the manufacturers quality control and component quality than location ) - just don't expect all for sale to have been made in Japan .
    All in all a very good quality value for money optic .
    Regards, Steve.

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    Good customer service from Weaver USA too. I lost a turret cap for one I used to own, they sent me a full set FOC including postage!
    Cheers Ted.

    SACS Member. DSC 1.

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    I have had weaver scopes for over 35 years (one in particular Steelite) all were more that upto the job, recently changed to Swaro, only because I broke my weaver, and managed to get a Swaro cheaply, then my good wife bought me a Swaro 5-30 BT, which in fairness is very good, but I still use weavers on my other rifles

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    I have got one on my .223 (no sound mod) since the day I set it up I have never had to touch it.

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