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Thread: Best Tasting Venison!

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    Best Tasting Venison!

    I just finished a Muntjac buck haunch and leg. Last night we ate the haunch of a roe buck. I am confused. Both were harvested quickly and both were eating basically the same grass; both are young bucks. Both were also cooked nice and slow in the oven. All my stalking buddies prefer the Muntjac. But somehow I think the Roe wins. He seems softer and more flavourful. What am I missing, Talk to me.


    Saw this poll:
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    I would say that people have their own favourites as with all types of food,for me a muntjac is very slightly bettered by Sika but it is very close with Roe next.


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    If for my own personal consumption. . .

    Roe, well bled as soon as possible after being shot.
    Legs and head off and sternum opened up, then left to hang for a minimum of five days in the chiller.

    Saddle fried in a blistering frying pan with a little knob of butter, just before it's ready a wee splash of a good quality soy sauce. .

    Heaven on a plate.

    I've never tried CWD or Munty, but roe is my favourite with Sika a close runner-up.
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    The best venison I have had was Sika calf, absolutely beautiful. I have however only had this, roe and muntjac.

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    Has to be muntjac closely followed by roe for me
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    Only ever tried red, roe and fallow. Best for me is a young red hind lived in low woodland with good minerals running through the ground producing good vegetation. Then solway finest wild boar.

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    Personally, I think fallow just wins; then roe and sika (about equal); then muntjac. Red is a long way behind, and can be pretty grim.

    I've eaten roe, fallow and sika steak tartare, and it's superb. Don't think I'd try that with red.

    My opinion of muntjac may be coloured by the fact that I've only ever eaten road kill muntjac...

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    A Sika pricket taken in late September or October, he will be in fantastic condition with a decent covering of fat.

    As above, bled and the sternum opened immediately. In my case, I would hang him for 10 days at barely above freezing.

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    Surprised red is held in such low esteem. I love a red steak, salt and peppered and flash fried in a little butter.

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    The best venison is of course, the last one i shot and butchered, eaten while reminding myself how fortunate i am to be able to provide myself with a decent bit of grub..

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