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Thread: Eka gut opener.

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    Eka gut opener.

    Ok I've got lots of knives but just lately I've been using a eka gut opener knife on roe deer and find I'm a lot more confident with it and it can do 99/ percent of the gutting and skinning process 'basically it's the gutting blade from the swing blade knife.Now I'm wondering if maybe I need to buy a swingblade'any users care to comment how does the blade on the swingblade perform any issues keeping it clean etc..trying to stop carrying so much crap currently using swingblade gut hook knife and also a super swede which is years old and a barsteward to sharpen.

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    I've got an Eka swing blade, can't fault it so far. I shot Saturday a rather massive fallow pricket and i've done all the graloch/skinning and butchering with the Eka, no problems at all.
    My only concern is sharpening the gut opener when the time comes...

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    It is a small blade IMO for skinning the larger deer but unzips 'em just the same, no problems in sharpening either.

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    I have had this swing blade for about 5 years, it is the one I always take in the field but prefer a butcher's knife (pointy knife with the orange plastic type handle) for skinning.
    Sharpening the gutter is never easy, but I now use a fine round file dipped in thin oil which leaves a very sharp edge - getting a consistent angle on both sides is key.

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    If lads are experiencing difficulty when sharpening the swingblade, these really do work:

    Flex Sharpener for EKA Swingblade

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    i use a swing blade and tend to do the whole skinning and butchering with it these although i have plenty of others and use the lansky crok box ceramic sharpener to sharpen both,easy really

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    Hi, I've got the American swing Blaze one and it's a joy to own and use, can easily sharpen the tripe knife with a Spiderco slip stone. Contact Rob at Monarch country apparel , who advertises on this site, he will do you a good deal. In my opinion, the steel and the design of the American Swing blaze is ever so slightly better than the Swedish sandvik steel used on the EKA.

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    Quote Originally Posted by macfarlane View Post
    how does the blade on the swingblade perform any issues keeping it clean etc..
    I have the Eka version, it has been used on 12 deer and both blades are still sharp.

    It is easy to keep clean, and can be put through the dishwasher.

    It is a good knife, but I don't think the main blade is ideal for gralloching small deer. I find it too broad, and the hollow grind is not ideal. A flat grind would be better, and stronger, but is more expensive to manufacture.

    The blade is more suited to skinning than precision work e.g.around the anus of small deer.

    I struggled with a small roe, and actually borrowed a more delicate knife from my guide to complete the job. I now carry a smaller more pointed knife to use alongside the Eka.

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    The EKA Fishblade looks more suitable for smaller deer than the Swingblade to me

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    Hi there

    I use one of these - it's ace on the negatively curved blade

    Hope that helps


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