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    Hi everyone.
    A little about myself by way of introduction
    I am 66 years old live in Hampshire and recently retired.
    I started stalking back in 1979 and was a founder member of the East Hampshire Deer Management Society.
    For personal reasons I gave up stalking for a few years but have recently taken it up again.
    I held an RFD from 1989 until 2013.
    I have a Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla named Ozka

    Sorry if that's a bit of a ramble.


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    Welcome to the SD, sounds like you are well qualified to be here, so ramble all you like.

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    Hi Ferryman and welcome to the site.
    You have picked a name that has great memories for me. Ferryman was an old wildfowler and punter who punted for Peter Scott and James Robertson Justice when they visited Wigtown Bay,he wrote most weeks in the Shooting Times in the 50's.
    I got to know him well in the 80's when I lived up there. Wf1

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    Hi Wildfowler.
    Sadly I cannot claim any such illustrious background.
    For my sins as a young man I was heavily into scuba diving, and had an RFD inflatable and 20hp outboard , so got to ferry people back and forth the dive site.
    So of an evening in the bar those that did not really know me used to say "Hey Ferryman" what are you drinking.
    The name stuck for years after that

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    Welcome to SD . I did leave a post for you on another thread , which isn't really appropriate , so this is my official welcome lol . Like I asked before , what the hell were you in High Prairie for ? There's people in Alberta who've never heard of it and it's surprising to hear of someone on this site who's been there , let alone heard of it . I've spent a fair amount of time up in that area myself , it is a bit remote .


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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