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Thread: Jammed .223 round ?Why

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    Jammed .223 round ?Why

    Out last night and had a very scarry incident.

    60grn V max in lapua case neck sized. 26grn Varget. Shooting some compressed loads as this lot of Lapua brass has smaller case capacity. All cases are correct length. Never had any issues before.

    Waiting for a fox and had gently chambered round (bit tight feeling when chambered). Fox appears and tracked up field sits down so nice shot at about 150yds. Squeeze trigger and just a slight click, round not fired. Pointing rifle towards ground try to eject round, bolt lifts but wont come back.

    Gulp live round in chamber cant eject round. Close bolt repeatedly and cannot eject round. Me very worried what the hell to do.

    Try opening bolt with more force still wont eject round.

    Close bolt and then resort to shooting round into ground mighty suprised that round fires!!!

    Eject case and hole in primer.

    Now occassional do have issues with holes in primers in compressed loads (CCI) but this is most likely to be due to them being soft (LH advocates using BR primers when loading heavy bullets in .223)

    I use a Reddding match seating die to seat bullets, so COL should not be an issue.

    As these cases have probably been used numerous times, would they benifit from a FL resize?

    Will reload a small batch F/L and with BR primers.

    Any advice would be most welcome.


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    how long are they and what if any jump do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    Out last night and had a very scary incident. ...

    Any advice would be most welcome.


    1. Disassemble all the rounds you have loaded.
    2. Buy factory ammunition.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post

    1. Disassemble all the rounds you have loaded.
    2. Buy factory ammunition.


    Your rounds are too long and jamming in the lands, too much pressure. Or, your brass has stretched too far, crimping the bullet in the leade. That's why you are getting pierced primers. Soft primers, my arse !!

    Full length size, trim to correct length, re-work a SAFE load.
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    There is a warning on Remington SR primers not to use in high pressure ammunition i.e. .223 etc, the standard primer will pierce, have experience if that.

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    Jammed .223 round ?Why

    Maybe so, but to me, ANY pierced primer means that load is unsafe. Gasses coming through a pierced primer not only erode the bolt face, but could erode the firers face. If the primers are not holding the pressure, don't use the load, and start again, for safety sake.

    Edit. That load should only produce around 45,000 psi, 5k less than max, so not really 'high' pressure per say.
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    Probably wise to heed the manufacturers warning than a wild guess from a guy on t'internet.

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    I do have quik Load and according to the varrious manuals I have it is well under max load. I do have COL guage and records of loads.

    Sorry but with heavy bullets in .223 there are issues with soft primers piercing I have all LH articles on reloading all bullets in .223 and he actually comments on it and the need to use BR promers eg Remmy 7.5's which are harder to overcome the issue.

    From what I have read there should be no discernible difference between compressed and non compressed loads, however when I load compressed then I do have to turn my redding match die down a little and I also check the COL off the ogive to ensure correct bullet length.

    I will check the COL to the lands but I suspect that the shoulders might have moved forward a tad and so will run an offending case through a FL die, reload (minus powder) and see if it is any tighter.

    Just thought some of the guys on here might have come across a similar situation.

    Just a mystery why the round didn't fire the first time, ? too long preventing the bolt cocking correctly?


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    Regardless of all other,.... Compressed loads are going to produce pressure spikes, if used in incorrect loadings.
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    If you are shooting a gun with a spring plunger ejector, look to see if it is jammed forward. This will ram the case into the chamber. Happened to my Howa .223.~Muir

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