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Thread: Barnes TSX question

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    Barnes TSX question

    I'm using Sako Powerhead (130 grains Barnes TSX bullet head) factory ammunition in my .270 Sako A7, and they group extremly well, half MOA over 5 shots, but having shot one roe buck and one fallow pricket in the past 2 weeks, i noticed they don't expand that much as a regular soft point normaly would. The roe buck fell on the spot and the fallow managed to run for about 20 yards than it fell dead, so no issues here, but both exit holes were about 1,5 inch in diameter. Is this the norm for the Barnes TXS bullet heads?
    Thank you!

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    no experience of those factory loads but...
    solid copper is never going to expand as well as cup and core lead soft points and general view is they need to be driven faster to achieve similar expansion
    Sako clain to run their Powerhead 130gr at 915m/s or 3100fps

    Assuming they actually do make that MV in either your or anyone else's rifle it is still 100+fps lower than factory norma soft point 130gr.

    I would want them slightly faster than factory SP ammo of the same weight, or go lighter

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    reading your account shotgun I don't see a problem with the performance ? both deer dead within 20yds.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Hi shootgun
    I use Barnes ttsx in my 6.5, they open up like a propeller and don't fragment like a lead core bullet as that's the design of them. I stuffed a shot a while back and retrieved the bullet from the carcase, it had performed like the manufacturer said it would and had only lost 4% of weight.

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    Thanks guys.
    I have asked the question as i've heard people moaning about them. Personally i'm very happy, and i'll stick with them.


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    You shouldn't get a massive exit wound but the internal organs should be massively damaged. Don't be afraid to take out one shoulder with a chest shot as you won't lose much meat by doing so in my experience

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    I have reloaded some Barnes TTSX 150 gr. in .308 and have the starting of a good load, but have not tested it yet on deer. Accuracy so far is great so long as the bullets are seated deep. And even full length resized as I like. I decided to try the Barnes bullet after having to cut out so much meat from deer recently shot with conventional lead bullets. The worst example was a fallow buck shot last November through both shoulders at 20 metres where the bullet just exploded almost and did not exit. The deer did flop over, but I am thinking it might not be best to eat so much lead. From all accounts the Barnes bullets keep on going and that is good from tracking and trailing perspective and no toxicity to the venison. I can chuck it all in the mincer even if near a the shot wound. We will see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootgun View Post
    both exit holes were about 1,5 inch in diameter
    sounds good to me!

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    Drop a bullet weight from your normal load. Excellent bullet!

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    All of the replies echoes what I've found with Barnes bullets, minimal meat damage, you can eat right up to the bullet wound channel, drills through bone, and you CAN go down a weight to get more velocity as well. Seat them up to 70 thou off the lands as they prefer a longer jump than conventional bullets. I've used them in 270 up to Blue wildebeest blesbuck and down to springbok, all one shot kills when shoulder shots were taken. deerwarden

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