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Thread: shortened 22.250

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    shortened 22.250

    Finally made my mind up and got my 22.250 vsf lh shortened from 26" to 20". The results are very pleasing using the same home load as before im getting better results
    the riflesmith said the original crown was 2.5 thou out of true to the bore,not much you may think but enough to make a differance on the target.The original lenght it shot good sub 1/2" groups now its a fluffy one hole with 55gr berger hollow points, 37.5 gr of H380, 10 thou of the lands and im only losing 150 fps down from 3600fps thats still plenty of grunt to hunt.The most pleasing is how handy it is its the same total lenght now with the mod on as it was with no mod before much more useful now for walk and stalk on roe and the likes.I can,t say thanks enough to the only riflesmith i use this is the forth rifle he has worked on for me to were thread and recrown jobs and to were complete builds, the same result with all the rifles they a dream to use and shot true when the load had been found thanks again Alan Rankin a master riflesmith.If anyone is thinking of shortening there rifle in northern ireland give alan a shout its worth getting it done wright.

    yours Nigdonn

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    Very good, I did the same thing a couple of years ago on a 22/250.

    Where do I find Alan Rankin?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Have shortened my 17 Rem varminter from 24" to 20" and fitted a 17 cal Hausken SD 228 moderator,
    haven't shot it yet but will post results when I do.

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    does it breath fire?

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    muzzel flash is not bad at all the H380 powder is well suited to the 22.250 with a 55gr stone and remy do a 20" ish barreled 22.250 lvsf anyway.

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