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Thread: Antlered Roe doe

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    Antlered Roe doe

    I was out last week and came across two roe: initially it looked like a doe with her followerer.. On closer scrutiny the doe had a single velvet covered antler which was not quite the height of her ears.

    I am aware that antlered does are uncommon and is due to a hormonal imbalance but in that case why are they able to carry young, or in this case could it be an imbalance post the birth of her kid as the antler was covered in velvet.

    What is the incidence rate of antlered does and can they breed?


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    Not exactly uncommon, been covered on this site before with pictures too.

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    Not that uncommon , some can breed some can't been covered a fair bit, some interesting info if you do a search.

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    I seen the same thing and was told by my game dealer that it can be reasonably common in old does as thier hormones change. He compared it to humans in the way that your granny gets a bit of hair on her chin when she is getting on which is also fairly common I guess. I have to say it brought a smile to my face when I thought about it. I guess in many ways deer are similar to humans.

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    All female deer have the capacity to develop antlers although most commonly reported in roe does.A good percentage actually have small pedicles about 14% First descriptions go back to 1894-95, Rorig 1899 was the first researcher to back up his findings on does by dissections reporting true hermaphrodites ( possessing both ovaries and testicles internally) or pseudohermaphrodites (appearing externally as does but internally testicles no ovaries )
    A recent research paper from Spain reported on a young roe doe with antlers but lacking gralloch,which on DNA testing was SRY negative ( sex related y chromosome- no testicles presumably ) Some members may remember a large peruke doe described in ST DNA analysis proved SRY +,hence hermaphrodite.
    Does with antlers ( in velvet usually ) are not uncommonly reported with kids at foot,hermaphrodite.
    A case of a tame doe wounded by a glass shard in the appropriate position subsequently developed an antler ( skull in a german museum )
    Old does developing antlers due to depleted ovarian function are very very rare as are adrenal tumours.
    If you shoot an antlered doe check the ovaries,uterus and possible testicles on both sides,usually in velvet, if there is/are coronets present it means she has previously cast antlers and there must be a source of rising and falling testosterone as first antlers don't have coronets.
    I believe Edinburgh University is doing research on this topic and request skin samples and a report on gralloch. I don't know the contact details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    Not exactly uncommon, been covered on this site before with pictures too.
    Hi Eddy, I do agree. i shot a peruque doe 2 years ago.

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    We are presently carrying out research into the cause of antlers in female roe deer. Early work suggests some may be freemartins which means they carry XXY sex chromosomes. Others may be hermaphrodites. Was the reproductive tract normal? So if you even get one again I would be really pleased to have a tissue sample from the deer for chromosome analysis and a photo of the head. Interestingly most of the cases we have seen before are still fertile and are either pregnant or have young at foot. The reason for this all depends on the hormonal balance and state of the reproductive tract.

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