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Thread: Bi-Pods used with free floated barrels & bedded barrels

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    Bi-Pods used with free floated barrels & bedded barrels

    Would like your opinions and experiences with Bi-Pod use. Recently I tried using a Harris non swivel 9-13" Bi-Pod on a Parker-Hale 1200C that has the normal factory bedding so the barrel is not free floated and it simply will not shoot with any sort of precision off the Bi-Pod. I tried it again yesterday off the bench at the range and with the Bi-Pod fitted and three shots spread over 6" wide yet remove the Bi-Pod and use a bag rest it produces a three shot group of under 1". I am not yet convinced that this rifle does not have a basic bedding problem as I am certain it should produce tighter grouping than this however the difference is rather dramatic.

    Meanwhile I have tried the same Bi-Pod on another rifle that does have a free floated barrel and it shoots with similar precision to when just rested on a bag. I have to check carefully the difference in POI when it's shot in different positions. Off the Bi-Pod, off a bag rest and off the stick.

    Later to further this experiment I will also try the Bi-Pod on another Parker-Hale rifle this time an 1100 Lwt in .308 which shows excellent grouping off a bag but as yet it's never been tried off the Bi-Pod partly because the Licensing people in their wisdom saw fit to list it as collection only and not for shooting and refused to swop it with another rifle that is listed for shooting why I have no idea.

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    Brit, my finnbear when first aquired, had a bridge in the wooden stock around half wave of the barrel, & with a bipod I could'nt get any sort of accuracy at all, I think it may have been due to leaning into the aim a little, thereby twisting the stock, after having it free floated & recrowned, In the words of Muir "Bugholes!" even with the bipod on.

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    Finnbear did you just free float the barrel or did you have the action bedded as well, just interested to know as i have a 691 that has the bridge as well,its pretty good as it is but was toying with idea of free floating it but was unsure as to wether i'd have to bed or not.
    Cheers Neil
    Should have said i don't use a bipod only sticks.
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    Always better to get the action properly bedded as some free float jobs stress the action and old bedding. Anyway, for all it costs it takes one more variable out of the equation. And your rifle is more likely to behave itself in different temperatures and humidity. Free float, bed and recrown (if appropriate) can make a huge difference to a rifle.

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    I just put in a little bedding compound in the area of the recoil lug, no sign of movement on the wood.

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    Thanks Finnbear and Mauser,the stock is a lovely bit of solid old walnut and it groups around the inch mark anyway perhaps i should leave it well alone don't really want to go digging it out for bedding if i can help it ,i'll see how the wood behaves in the summer before i go doing anything drastic.
    Cheers Neil

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    Hmmm that is sort of what I was expecting. My trouble is that I don't like the look of floated barrels and except for this particular 25-06 they all shot well with a non floated barrel but then I never used Bi-Pods before really. The 6.5x55 that shoots well off the Bi-Pod is a sporterised Swedish Mauser and had a sort of floated barrel when I brought it. I say sort of because as I recall it touched in places (mind you this was quite a fews back now) so I floated the barrel by relieving the high spots. I had just re-done this as I noticed when checking with the Moderator fitted that the barrel was touching. The weight of the moderator was making it touch a bit of fine sandpaper wraped around a socket sorted that out. Perhaps I will keep one ort wo rifles just for use with a Bi-Pod and forget their use with the others.

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    i dont have a problem with a free floating barrel and bi pod but i have had,you really have to make sure you are not putting any weight on the rifle or twisting it in your shoulder.the twisting problem is even easier to do with a non swivel bi pod because if the legs arent adjusted spot on you do tend to compensate by twisting to line up crosshairs.changed to a swivel bi pod for this reason and also because adjusting legs on the bonnet of a vehicle while shooting foxes meant that the fox was gone by the time i was sorted

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    For me a hunting rifle must be free floating. It must also have so much room between barrel and stock that I can run an oily rag through. Mainly to remove all the crud and water. Another point, the gap must be proportional to the stiffnes of the stock, meaning a cheap tupperware stock will have to have quite a big gap to avoid touching in all hunting situations. A stiff composite stock that is bedded can get away with way less gap.
    One of the worst situations I come across is lying steep downhill prone, shooting across a valley off a high bipod. All sorts of stress are on the stock then.
    I could almost guarantee that my rifles will shoot to exactly the same point off bipod, bag, tree or sticks.

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    Thank you for your comments. All my rifles have wood stocks. As I said I will check this one out hopefully tomorrow and see how we get on perhaps at a later date I will see about a swivel version of the Bi-Pod.

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