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Thread: .30-30 Winchester for deer in England and Wales?

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    .30-30 Winchester for deer in England and Wales?

    I was thinking of buying a Marlin 336 in .30-30 especially for some of the stalking I do in close timber cover where the longest shot is definitely not over 100m, but more like 40m. And not moderate the rifle that is so light and sweet to handle. I might put a low power scope on it with a wide field of view but still take a 150m shot. It would be easily to carry up the highseat as well. It seems the caliber is legal having over the 1750 ft/ lbs. muzzle energy with 150 gr bullets. It seems to be more than enough for fallow, muntjac and roe. It seems to me that the usual UK deer outfit by the time it is moderated and scoped up is bit of a clunky beast for quiet close woods work. Any thoughts on the viability of this idea?

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    I love the idea of a single shot or lever gun, low mag, no mod, short barrel
    point and shoot stuff

    30-30 is used a lot in NZ according to my Kiwi relative

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    It's used a lot on Canada very capable at sensible ranges and plenty for deer in uk

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    They're great fun.

    First shot one when aged 14 or 15, in Botswana. Used on duiker, impala and similar.

    Up to that point, had only shot rimfires, so was absolutely thrilled at how flat the trajectory seemed! What's this? No holding off at 150 yards?! Magic.

    Plus the recoil is so mild that it really didn't seem to be a big step up from rimfires.

    I have to admit that the very first thing I shot with one was a francolin (basically a savannah adapted grouse). I still hadn't quite internalised the difference in effect between a centrefire and rimfire. It vanished in a puff of pink tinged feathers.

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    I found mine on holts and turned out not to be just a standard winchester but limited edition model from 73 I cannot tell you how easy the rifle is to carry and even easier to use, unfortunately no pics of deer but i have shot deer with it and all fell over without stepping forward, I have open skinner sights and love it, I use it now with lead bullets for deer dispatch 6 in the mag tube it is superb little rifle, atb wayne

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    I use a marlin 336 with a Leopold M8 4x32 and have taken plenty of red, roe ,fallow, fox and squirrel with it, great in the woods, bomb proof. Remember if you go Winchester you will either have to have open sights or a offset scope.
    Go crazy and fit a E O Tec,

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    Have a 30-30 Winchester similar vintage to mereside.
    Took this doe running flat out at about 3yds. I find the 30-30 does quite a lot of meat/blood splash damage and often heart lung shot deer run good 100yds.
    The 165 leverevolution seem to drop them a bit quicker.

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    Looks like I have to do it. It should be fun- and practical. There is the issue of it being unmoderated, but then .30-30 is not that much of a cannon round anyway. I think I would go the Marlin way and side eject so can mount low scope. Maybe the best still is to get it and shoot it without the scope, might be best anyway.

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    If you need to source a marlin I know of one for sale, nothing to do with me but one i found whilst searching myself, it is still for sale and already scoped, atb wayne
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    Go for it!
    I've had my Marlin 336 .30/30 for 23 years (it was built in 1953) and it shoots anything in the UK. A great woodland rifle and easy to shoot off the shoulder perhaps due to it's weight and compactness. It's accurate too, with Federal 150gr Power Shock and Hornady Leverevolution, see the attached pic (it's zeroed for Prvi). I use it up to 150 yards, a great walkabout rifle for fast reactive shooting.
    I use a Leopold 2-7x32 scope on it which has a distinct advantage over open sights however Skinner sights are excellent and use them on another Marlin, they look the part as well.
    Skinner sights can also be fitted on the later Winchester 94 models on the top of the receiver which is the same for scope mounts, rather than the old way which was side mounted.
    Am I selling the idea! Good luck!

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