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Thread: Gun room or man cave?

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    Gun room or man cave?

    Ok folks this is currently hypothetical but may become a reality in the next few years. It has been suggested to us instead of modifying our existing home to demolish the adjacent redundant farm buildings and erect our own "dream home" in its place.
    The carrot being waved in front of me is my very own man cave within the house. Now my question to you is am I better off with a walk in gun room for my toys and reloading gear or a man cave with a hidden gun cabinet? Guns are currently kept in safe within a cupboard in house and reloading activities outside in old buildings due to space and young family. Also what issues other than satisfying firearms regs should I consider? Have noticed from other similar threads that an appropriate calendar needs to be on display!

    Look forward to hearing your advice/suggestions


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    Timely topic this. I will, I hope, be in a similar position very soon, pending the desired response from the planning dept. There's only me to cater for and I've decided from experience that I only need half the living room of most people. Books, table, lamp, chair, telly about covers it. There's a patio for the visitors. So half the living area will be divided off and dedicated to guns and motorcycles - as it should be. The gun room will be separated from the bike section and have an internal door opening into the house. No outside access through the bike room. The bike area will have both but it won't be like a garage - proper doors and plastered, painted, insulated and heated.
    A gun and loading room doesn't need to be that big if its planned right. I don't know what the security requirements are for a walk-in gun room. A steel door and substantial window bars as a minimum presumably. Unsure whether the room needs to be in effect caged with steel protection from above to prevent access through the roof, but if it does it's no great hardship to design that in to a new-build. I'm going to look into it because I really like the idea of storing the guns in wall racks. Getting them off the floor and avoiding the use of bulky and ugly steel cabinets and ammo safes has got to save a lot of space. I've only got 5 rifles and a couple of shotguns but if the security costs aren't prohibitive I'll definitely go for walk-in with guns in racks.
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    Hi Finch, Know that if I were to have my current motorbikes in the house, I too would have only the dogs and me to contend with! Having built kit cars many moons ago I know the appreciation of others of vehicle parts lying around the house!
    Do like the look of some of the Bespoke furniture gun cabinets and their like though. The thought of a room in the house almost exclusive to my tastes n toys is very appealing.

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    Suggest you talk to PaddySP his man cave is mind blowing.


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    Both? Please expand! Are you meaning walk in gun room just off man cave? Looking for good practical suggestions or ideas before architects visit. Currently reload for 3 Calibres. Apart for adequate security for say a dozen rifles and shotguns, lighting, power points, ventilation, reloading bench and a comfy seat, my minds gone blank. If I make the area too interesting like additional TV or play station can see our 6 yo trying to claim it!


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    Stamp your authority, bike in the kitchen for cleaning and reloading in comfort in lounge

    Come on grow a pair

    :-) :-):-) :-)

    Man cave in the warmth sounds good
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    I would suggest a separate building from the residential unit for the 'Man-Cave'. Security alarm linked to the new main dwelling.
    One entrance door into the 'maintenance ' facilities (racks for electrical/house tools/materials etc) and a proper work-bench (decent Vice on one end and reloading press on other).
    This should lead to a completely separate 'inner-sanctum' which holds 'the tools', evidence of adventures, tv/pc, small fridge for refreshment etc.
    Built to an appropriate standard, temperature/humidity controlled etc. should cover all 'essential' man-needs!
    I might just takes some photos......

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    Huh? Doesn't everybody have a bike in the kitchen?

    ........or is it just me?

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    Do wiring looms and bits of engines for kit cars count?

    Trying to be realistic/pragmatic. Note significant other has several horses - more than can be counted on ones fingers and toes. If motorbikes in kitchen isn't that going to merely provoke being buried under cuddy stuff too?
    Thinking now more along lines of man cave within house with one of those Bespoke gun cabinets or similar to cater for security and try and camouflage reloading bench when not in use, a comfy chair for telly, reading and snoring and a shed outside for the bigger toys......
    Brewsher and Loki you may be right!


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