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Thread: Cz 455 .22lr

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    Cz 455 .22lr


    Have only put about 450 rounds through a new CZ, and now it is becoming difficult to get the rounds to feed from the magazine smoothly. Not all the time, but every 5 or 6 shots ( at different points in a 10 shot mag).

    Sometimes the round is so hard to feed that the bullet has it's edge distorted on the way into the chamber.

    Any thoughts please?

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    Wax build up in the mag ?
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    Is the magazine housing loose? ~Muir

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    Just back in. Will check both for wax and loose housing in the morning. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sans Culottes View Post
    Just back in. Will check both for wax and loose housing in the morning. Thanks
    Magazine stripped and cleaned...amazing how quickly it had accumualted wax and other c**p. Mag housing is tight.

    Feed now better.


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