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Thread: Low lung shot reaction

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    Low lung shot reaction

    What are peoples experiences with deer that they've shot a bit low in the chest, missing the heart, but still damaging the lungs?
    I ask because the one I shot yesterday just set off walking, leaving a blood trail you'd never miss(shame I didn't bring the pup) but not looking too bothered at all. I ended up shooting her again as she walked right up to me, saw me and I thought she'd end up running off.

    Another lesson learned, if you are above and shooting down into the animal, aim higher than normal. I knew this but somehow didn't put it into practice


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    Low heart/lung shots usually end up with a deer that runs, not always though! You do mean aim low when taking steep up or down hill shots?

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    When I'm shooting down into or up at beasts I try to imagine their body as an oil drum with the vitals hanging in the centre and trying to reach them that way. Brisket shots I've found do tend to cause a lot of bleed, but if the lungs didn't get a real good whack then it's bound to take a wee while to expire so a follow up shot is wise. Nothing at all wrong in taking a follow up shot if it is necessary. Things don't always go to plan, especially if the deer are standing at a queer angle (images of a queer stag standing with hand on his hip like camp dandy...then the bugger should get as many follow up shots as you can manage ).

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    I prefer the lung shot it`s very effective but they do have time to run on a little you must understand this. It`s a typical begginers mistake to let rip with another round in my opinion and i`d discribe this as panice fire,lol.
    You need to practice with protractor and Gong Mick to improve your technique,lol.

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    Queer angle! Is that a Texas heart shot?

    The angle wasnt very steep, though I've heard downward shots are less affected by gravity so bullet strike is higher. I think it was just steep enough for the bullet to enter at the right place but angle down through the chest, missing the heart. She didn't look like she was in a hurry to die which concerned me a little so I neck shot her at about 10/15 yds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickthebrick View Post
    I've heard downward shots are less affected by gravity so bullet strike is higher.
    That's over some distance and at relatively acute angles so your shot was more likely just due to bullet placement - you did the right thing and got the result with your coup de grace.

    BTW. Uphill shots will also strike high due to the action of gravity being less owing to the foreshortening of the horizontal distance actually travelled by the bullet.
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    The guys have covered must of the reaction to a shot being placed in the lung.
    The one thing I will say is that nine times of ten they will reacte the simular fashion unless its sika and they always run a country mile wherever you shot them (engine room) but then with most things expect the unexpected when you least expect it.
    Pritty sure the bullet type will have some effect but thats another debate.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mickthebrick View Post
    ...I've heard downward shots are less affected by gravity so bullet strike is higher.
    It's true. Upward shots at a steep angle too.
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    KevinF -

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinF View Post
    Upward shots at a steep angle too. As an AW, it's a question I sometimes invite DMQ II candidates to answer.
    Does that mean I've passed my DMQ 2!? Yessss!Who needs DSC1 eh?

    Wouldn't have that trouble with a Ballistic Tip!(Well someone had to say it)


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    I suspect your HP might have had some cement in it hey Mick.

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