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Thread: sako rifles

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    sako rifles

    Out of the sako 75, sako 85 and the A7 which one is the best for hard professional use. I have used an 75 quite a lot. I have had a few shots at a target with the 85. But I have never seen a A7. Is it merely a cheaper sako.

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    The 75 is regarded As the best action, but purley personal taste, had many 75's and they are great actions, although I feel there 2nd hand value is very over priced, probably as they seem to be the current favourite for a semi custom at the moment, had a 85 in a walnut sporter and although it shot very well it wasn't for me, did'nt like the new spray finish that sako now uses instead of blueing, I currently have a 85 in a varmint laminated stainless which I do like very much, it's a nice rifle and shoots nicely to. Never seen a A7 in the flesh so can't really comment, but it does look like a T3 to me just more money for the Sako badge, Bith 75 and 85 feed very well they are not a million miles apart both have good triggers when adjusted both can be top loaded, and all of the the rifles you mention will shoot adiquetly for a hunting rifle. But I wouldn't take to much notice of what other people regard as the best rifle it will be YOUR rifle at the end of the day so choose which ever one YOU like best.
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    When I was doing my pro stalking bit I bought a 75 in stainless synthetic. Still got it. Does everything I've ever asked of it. Had a play with an 85 but they changed to an inferior moulding process. A7 is a good gun but Stainless Synthetic 75 feels great on a cold wet morning. Takes a bashing, resists knocks and rust
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    How about theL61R Finnbear

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmck View Post
    How about theL61R Finnbear
    lovely rifles i have one in 300 win,never to part with it lol
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    +1 on the L61R solid & dependable, possibly the Toyota Landcruiser of the gun world..!

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    got 75 and 85 both are have have good and bad points go to gun at the mo is the 85 ss in .308 but only as the 6.5x47 has had much trigger time .

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    Thanks, it has to be new so unless they still make the L61R its not on the list. Any rifle smiths out there that could say which is best

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    If your set on a new one, 75 is out of the question leaves 85 or A7

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    Thanks, it would have to be a re-barreled 75 or new 85 or A7

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