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Thread: SecareS Limited Edition Knife...

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    SecareS Limited Edition Knife...

    Something a little different to offer...

    A Secare is a pattern of knife that I make, a SecareS is a skeletonised version of that knife, SecareSkeleton = SecareS, here's the one I have for sale...

    The story is that I have just produced a limited edition run of these, only 10 were made, this one is numbered #04/10, all the others are sold...

    Here's a few photos of the LE run being made...

    All were cut from my stock of 8mm thickness SF100 stainless steel, the handle sections pretty much remain at that full 8mm, they all got full and flat grinds with a polished convex taking to final edge, very sharp and very tough...

    The 4" there about blades are satin polished and the handle blast finished...

    Here are a couple more photos of the actual knife, #04/10...

    This one differs from the majority of the others as the photos show it is supplied with a leather belt carry sheath, all but two of the others were supplied sheath'less, the sheath is a hand made, very high quality, black leather one...

    #04/10 SecareS is priced at an all in, payment fees and RMSD delivery included, £275, it's ready to go and can be with any potential owner in the UK next day, overseas is fine but there may need to be a small price adjustment to cover and additional postage fees, that will be at cost, over 18's only too please, I'll be checking...

    I'll leave it up here for a day or so before offering it elsewhere, cheers all, Stuart.

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    ooh that's nice !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I agree, it looks braw but seems expensive for a machine cut knife? I bet it does the job though.

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    I received a question via PM about this just now, I think it and my reply might go well in the thread...

    Q: Hi Stuart, can you please tell me what it’s intended use would be for? I’m assuming that it would be more kitchen as opposed to field? Nice knife.

    R: Hi mate, basically anything, anything that you'd use a knife for, it's obviously not as fully comfortable for long/hard use as a contoured grip but plenty comfy enough for general purpose outdoor/indoor use...

    I think you'd be surprised how comfortable and usable it is in the hand...

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