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Thread: Return of the water vole...

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    Return of the water vole...

    "The charity said it believed efforts to eradicate non-native American mink had helped to encourage the return of the rare animals"

    So....managing one species can help to support another then...? I wonder if there is a perception shift amongst the general public that if the RSPB undertake this kind of activity = 'good', if a shooter undertakes this kind of activity = 'bad'...?

    Not meant to be a snide dig at the RSPB at all, but a genuine point for discussion/consideration; perception is reality for most people, and if the good/bad issue does exist - and it may not - why should that be? Is it about marketing, positioning, etc? How many of us, when we are chatting about our pastime with non-shooters, extoll the issue of conservation being an intrinsic part of what we do? And if we do, do we do enough of it, or land it in the right way?

    Food for thought.....
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    When I was a kid they were super abundant on the streams in Shropshire however almost overnight they vanished (late 1970'S) thats when the mink moved in. Now it appears that otters are more common and mink are in decline. I not been back to my old haunts for many decades so not sure what the current situation is. I have not seen one in years.


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    Get yourself across to the moss drainage ditches Merlin, plenty about and good to see the numbers increasing especially along the main drain at acop near Lydiate.
    There's a definite difference in people's perception of shooting summit for conservation and hugging it to death for the same objective. How we address that perception is another question that as a 'community' we seem spectacularly good at failing to do.
    I haven't seen one 'objective' from our representatives being set then subsequently achieved through our contribution to the management of species.
    Let's make it easy for them...... 'how much has the pigeon shooting fraternity saved farmers in saved crops this year?', put a price on it then advertise the fact.
    How much tree protection through deer management? Etc etc.
    These are things which non shooting folk understand.
    The idea of taking a crop from something we nurture that has a pulse will always stick in the craw of some but it's up to us to defend that and show not just the crop but the benefit to peripheral species too. Now I'm off to make sticks
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