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Thread: Converting an outside living dog to an inside living dog? Possible??

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    Question Converting an outside living dog to an inside living dog? Possible??

    ....I'd like to pick some better brains than mine (not difficult....!)

    And I know this isn't strictly 'deer dog' related, but I couldn't think where else to put the query.

    So: background....I'm doing a bit of forward planning as my current gundog (used for game) will be 7 this year, and she's quite a big dog that covers a lot of ground on our shoot one/stand one syndicate, so I'm giving thought to lining up the next dog to succession plan for when she's too knackered to do full days. I'd like another spaniel (Mrs Merlin significantly less so!!), and my dogs live in the house rather than being kennelled outside. We currently have 2 dogs, but have the space for another.

    I know where there is a 12mnth old sprocker which could - potentially - fit the bill, but my primary question is as follows:
    The pup has been kennelled outside for the last 4-5 mnths or so; is it feasible and/or realistic to consider that it could be house-trained to be dry overnight etc at (a) the age it is , and (b) the fact that it has been kennelled outside? Or is that a total non-starter?

    I'm not after suggestion of putting all of my dogs outside - that just isn't going to happen. I'd just like to gauge if this is realistic before I progress any further.

    My sense is yes, it should be possible, just needs a bit of patience......what do you more-experienced dog guys think?
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    Shouldn't be too much of an issue, train it to be in a crate over night, my spaniel throws a right hissey fit if she doesn't get put in her cage, she loves it, they almost certainly wont want to mess their own bed space.
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    Not a particularly experienced dog guy, but i did take on a lab that had been outdoor kennelled for 5 yrs. He came in doors in the end, barked all night long outside and was happy living indoors.

    Occassional accident but generally very little issues, was more than happy hanging out with the family. I think the other 2 dogs you have might train it a little/it will slot into their way of life, as long as you introduce them all first and make sure they get on.

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    I took in a 9 yr old spaniel that had been in a kennel all it's life ... Keeper retiring , no one wanted a 9yr old spaniel ... If not taken by 5pm on the Friday the guy finishing up ... Would have been up the hill and end up in a hole.... Wasn't letting that happen .... Mad rush kennel in & took dog in ....
    Within 3 months I was working away from home , wife took pity ... Had him in house whilst I was away ...
    Pished on the floor twice I think & that was it
    Ok after that
    He sometimes wanted in his kennel for the night but 90% of time lay at my side of the bed on the floor
    Had him till 14
    Miss that mutt

    My gut instinct is you shouldn't have too much problems ... Even better if have kennel room
    So he can do bit of both


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    I can't see this being a problem. My dogs are outside dogs and love being inside. Sure they would rather be around you and your smell all the time than not. Since mine have been outside they naturally go to the back door when they need to go to the toilet if they are in so you may find the same situation.

    Only thing I would say is that there are loads of interesting things in the house that were not in the garden. If you are out or leaving the dogs on their own in a room rather than an inside kennel/cage you may find some damage. One of my pals had an inside dog and it took to the plasterboard!

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    The most important thing to consider is the dog conditioned to peeing and fouling in her run/kennel.
    I have known lots of outside dogs to make the transition to indoors with no issues. All of my dogs which I got as pups were housetrained before they went outside to live. They seldom come inside but if they do they know not to dirty in the house.
    I have known others who put the pups outside to start with and they became conditioned to dirtying in their run. Its certainly a lot easier if they have been housetrained before going outside to live. A lot will depend on how much time you can dedicate to a dog which at 1 year old you may have to start from scratch with.

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    if your house lends itself I can highly recommend fitting a dog flap.

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    Absolutely just done the same thing with a terrier pup first 2 nights accidents after that no problems at all with crate in fact he loves it in there
    atb jim
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    We got a 2.5 year old Patterdale from a keeper. Lived in a run. She is sleeping on the sofa just now. One little accident when we thought she wanted fuss, but wanted to pee.

    She came to our wedding. Grand little dog.

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    Cheers for the replies chaps - sounds as I thought: perfectly do-able, just apply a good dollop of common sense and patience.

    (Just hanging fire for a short while due to other 'stuff' related to work, but hopefully that should be cleared up - one way or the other - in the v near future.)

    Appreciate you guys taking the time to offer your thoughts.
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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