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Thread: Stock (Re) Finishing offer

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    Stock (Re) Finishing offer

    Dear All,

    With the long dark evenings approaching over winter, I have decided to make a special offer to Stalking Directory members for my stock (re) finishing services.

    Rifle stocks - 75 + return P&P. Remove existing finish, raise dents, re-finishing in hand rubbed oil finish to either a London Gloss finish or more subdued matte finish. This is reduced until 31st Dec from 175.

    Shotgun stocks - 100 + return P&P. Reduced from 225

    *other services such as new grip caps, recoil pads and installing ebony tips, etc. can be discussed if required.

    To keep costs down and be able to make this offer I expect all stocks to be in somewhat reasonable condition of course, barrels/actions removed.

    Please note this is not a cheap BLO finish, but a proper finishing regime of sealing, filling, oiling and polishing.

    Turnaround times will be approx. 8 weeks (as it is done properly).

    I require 50 deposit up front/upon receipt of the stock, with remainder to be paid upon completion and agreement the work is according to expectations.

    Please PM me with any projects you wish to work on.

    Best regards


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    Now that is a great offer! My A1 needs stripping and oiling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Now that is a great offer! My A1 needs stripping and oiling.
    was that the one I did the ebony tip and steel cap for RD?

    irrespective, PM me if interested and your needs, and I'll give you my details.

    best regards


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    great offer , id take you up on it but the job you did last time has held up so well theres no need !

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    What a fantastic offer & having seen some of the work you won't be disappointed!

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    McKenzie/ACM, many thanks for the kind words gentlemen

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    Looking forward to sending you my 270 for a little ebony here and there
    cheers Norma

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    Any before n afters?

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    I'll get it this wkend RD and take some pics before I send it off to Scotland .

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