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Thread: K-tan lost instructions cannot identify chemicals in bags

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    K-tan lost instructions cannot identify chemicals in bags

    I have a skin which is ready to tan, I've looked the k tan instructions up online and have followed the process, my problem lies with identifying the bags provided as the instructions list them as a b c and the bags themselves are colour coded. There are 3 bags- one is a big bag with the most substance in and is like green flour- one is like course sea salt the rocks being light blue, light yellow and white- and the last is pure white powder and is a much smaller amount. I need to pickle the skin before tanning, so any help would be much appreciated on deciding which bag to use. Thanks

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    I have only used Ktan once, and that was many years back. It is chrome tan, and fixed with citric acid. Therefore the larger bag I would expect to be the tanning powder, the smaller bag of white powder will be the citric acid and the remaining bag salt for use with the tanning powder I would guess. However I do not know why it should be blue, except to say that a chrome finish is usually green/blue tinge.
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