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Thread: which pickup

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    which pickup

    Looking to buy a second hand pickup for shooting and work and am wondering which ones you guy would recommend ive only got around 6k so looking at the ranger,l200 and navara

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    I recently bought a 2006 ranger xlt thunder and am really likin it seems a practical tough workhorse really nice to drive with and very capable off the road and you will pick up a good used model well inside your budget, parts are pretty cheap as well and easy to source good luck which ever you choose....

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    hi have had 2 l200 good trucks never let me down went anywhere not to bad on fuel.also had a ranger wildtrack wont be getting an other complete crap so got a navara d22 good on fuel good on road as well as off just waiting for job to come them i will go for newer navara .

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    I would will go for another Ranger mine will be up for sale soon 2008 wildtrack fsh but for a more than your budget, l200 had use of one my kidneys would suffer on a long run and are't all that and nissan old ones like the fuel ? and bit of a dog on a run.

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    I currently run a 2006 L200 and the difference in off and on road ability compared to the older model is incredible , with all terrain tyres fitted it goes everywhere I need to and still manages a average of 35mpg though this does drop when I'm late for work !!

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    Isuzu Rodeo/Denver.

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    After my fiasco with a 07 Navara and disappointing 03 Ranger before that, I don't want to ever have a modern diesel again.
    Got myself an older Subaru Forester, good enough for my off road needs, use less fuel and is much more reliable than the newer pick ups I had. I had pick ups since the 80's that served me well but the newer ones seem less reliable than a Defender. I can understand where the lack of quality comes from as I worked for over twenty years in a company supplying the car industry. The mid sized company used to employ several engineers, since the introduction of quality management systems all engineers were replaced by young office staff who just fill out forms. That company does not have a single engineer anymore!

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    Don't think the Toyota is so popular without good reason!


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    I agree, Toyota is best. That's why their 2nd hand values remain so high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robb View Post
    Isuzu Rodeo/Denver.
    Plus 1

    my brother in law has run one for 2 years, never misses a beat (bullet proof Isuzu) and excellent work horse; great in deep snow and off road.
    "Why not start out with the equipment that you're going to end up with"

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