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Thread: To camouflage or not

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    To camouflage or not

    Is it necessary to have full camo when stalking? Does a green jacket and pants do as good a job as a full mossy oak or realtree set up? I am looking at some new gear this winter and wondered what you guys are wearing

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    No but a face veil and baggy cloths work.

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    Not at all necessary in my opinion and the plain gear looks less intimidating etc when you come across the public........

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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    Not necessary. Bad look too.
    Very bad look!

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    Any brands that are better than others?

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    If I come across the public I just say "get off my land"

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    Try artic outdoors on the net

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    Camo to me is a way of selling extra clothing deer see things in different way to us
    More shades of grey
    so as said white skin and movement (or lack if it ) is very important to avoid
    I had a doe and fawn walk past me on Monday within 10 yards I had olive green fleece/ deerhunter trousers and gloves and of course my midge proof face net on.
    later I called in for fuel dressed in same clothes (minus gloves and face net) and no one gave me a second glance
    You could say I had good allround como on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    If I come across the public I just say "get off my land"
    thats OK unless "the public" have reported "suspicios looking character" and "armed response" come to check out!!!!!

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