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Thread: Leupold vx3 and AGS

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    Leupold vx3 and AGS

    Having a swap round with some scopes so I have for sale

    1st is Leupold vx3 4.5-14x50 in excellent condition 30mm tube duplex reticle box and papers side parallax adjustable excellent scope at 400 posted

    2nd is an AGS 3-12x44 good little scope works very well with a add on, don't think these are made anymore. Non illuminated side parallax adjustable, A bit of wear on the turret caps but otherwise sound. 80 posted

    I can email pics if you pm me but it won't be until tomorrow evening when I get a second, any questions please ask.

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    First dibs on the AGS if photos are sent and acceptable condition (PM sent) cheers!
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    Will get some pics across to you tonight..

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    What condition is the Leopold? Looking for a scope for my new sako 85 .243.


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    Any pictures of the leupold??

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    Can email pics but mike will have first refusal on the Leupold

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    Yeah, send me some pics please!

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    Won't let me post the e-mail link in a PM, not enough posts

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    Can I see some picks of the leupold please

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