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Thread: Sako 75 Delux Stock

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    Sako 75 Delux Stock

    Hello folks, I have a Sako 75 Delux in 7mm-08. It has the walnut stock. My question; Is there a black synthetic stock made to fit this rifle out the box? I like the one on my Tikka T3 Lite. Thanks for your help. Regards john.

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    I might well be interested in the walnut stock if you choose to replace it. I was planning on doing up my current stock but this might be a neater solution. Please pm me if you're considering parting with it.

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    McKenzie, You shall have first refusal if i ever decide to sell it. Regards,john

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    Try Jackson Rifles ( as they might have a McMillan stock that would suit
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    Is the deluxe floorplate inlet the same as the box mag? I think they might be a different shape??

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