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Thread: Firearms and couriers.....

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    Unhappy Firearms and couriers.....

    hi, by all means someone kick my butt with this one my luck so far has not been good!!!

    i now find i need to return my rifle to the seller for repair/replacement! i had a local gunsmith look at it and took his advice, he added i could organise the posting of it through parcel force. [i left feeling that i had heard different but hey ho...]

    got home rang parcel we dont do private individuals, only account holders [businesses]...try...

    and you guessed it tried most of them tnt, dhl, cnat remember all their names none could help.

    i suppose i can still take it back to the rfd who suggested it [although it is a bit of a hike]...i have also asked the seller if he can organise it being picked up by his business courier from my home address - a suggestion by one of the more helpful customer service operators.

    is there anything i have neglected to try, will rfd to rfd be a lot more expensive...

    gotta say i am a bit fed up with it now....these are the times i wish i was still young and fit enough to go to the gym or rugby pitch and knock 7 shades of s##t out of someone!! [in the nicest possible terms!!]

    sorry..any pointers welcomed


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    The law changed sometime ago you need to send it via a gunsmith, I have on occassion had TNT I think pick up rifles from my home address but it was through a trade account, and I don't know if you can even do that anymore.
    Bit of a minefield go pay the RFD for your peace of mind.

  3. #3 be honest thawas what i was surprised me when he said i could do it, and i asked again to be told parcel force!! oh well another you say a minefield and one i dont want to fall foul of!!!


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    When i started deealing in firearms and ammo etc ,I tried to get a account with parcel force but they said that they are no longer taking on new account holders for firearms shipment

    so i now have to use TNT
    which is slightly more exspensive but there is no other way unfortunatly
    where are you from TOKAS

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    hi..Ormskirk up in the North West...McAvoys at Standish is where i have been the looks of things it will be rfd to rfd from there.

    thanks for the responses...i am learning!!!


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