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Thread: Which Moderator?

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    Which Moderator?

    I have just purchased a Sako 85 s/s in .243 Cal' and now need to choose a Mod to match. Being a newbie to 'centre fire' rifle am hoping for some advice.

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    ase sl5 .25 cal.


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    Ok I will get the ball rolling sorry bobjs has got it rolling and I will help push it along will get loads of different suggestions I also run an 85 s/s and after playing with many different mods and spending not a little money have settled on the excellent A-TEC MAXIM its just brilliant..........
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    I prefer the ATec cm4 myself. But horses for courses!

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    Muzzle vs over barrel?
    weight vs sound attenuation?

    so many choices?

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    +1 on AimZonic;

    Delighted with the sound reduction / weight of the Cyclone Compact on my A7 .243:


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    Hardy or Aimsonic I prefer the Aimsonic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootgun View Post
    Hardy MK 4 all day long for me...
    Me too!

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