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Thread: Best Practice Events North West England

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    Best Practice Events North West England

    Dear All

    please see attached flyers advertising future Best Practice Marksmanship Events to be held in the North West in September 2014

    On Saturday 20th September there will be a Basic Firearms Safety Awareness Day - aimed at increasing shooting skills through proper fitting of rifle, body positioning, positional shooting etc - this is aimed at stalkers who wish to improve their skills.

    There is also an additional one day Basic Safety Day on Sunday 21st September this can only be booked through Jamie Chaplin-Brice at Cumbria Woodlands (

    Friday 19th September 2014, there will be a follow on course for those who have previously attended the basic marksmanship course (Firearms Safety Awareness Course)

    The day will involve detailed instruction on humane dispatch, standing, prone and kneeling shots at various distances and the effects of elements on your shot.

    Please see flyer below.

    All enquires should be directed to Alistair Boston at the Deer Initiative at the email address on the flyers.

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    Andy now we shoot more deer in the lamp will you not be covering that area of rifle safety.

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    Very few, if any Night shooting permits are issued by NE so I doubt that.

    Perhaps you could ask if this could be included in any future Best Practice events in Scotland Dave - how do you get on with using a lamp for culling on your grounds?

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    Not my cup of tea Andy .I also believe there to be a real safety issue when using the lamp in and around towns were I deal with deer problems. That said it seems to be highly regarded by the ones who struggle to manage them in day light so much so they are willing to forgo Best Practice and government guidance. Best practice and SNH /FCS are quickly becoming a laughing stock in the central belt.
    With there do as I say not as I do attitude.

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    Im not quite sure what your point is David.

    Your initial post said, " now we shoot more deer in the lamp" I took it that you also have a night shooting licence and were a proponent of night time culling.

    Your second post seems critical of those who do use night shooting licences to cull - (though its usual that night shooting is conducted when daytime measures have failed) and subsequently the contractors are called in…...

    Doesn't happen much in England, and again, I'm surprised at your negativity towards Best Practice and SNH / FCS.

    Which all have nothing to do with Best Practice events held and organised in England...
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    I have heard good things about these courses, will there be any in the south of England any time?

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    Andy I have no idea why you would be surprised at my attitude. At this moment in time the Scottish government are asking us to reach a standard and soon that standard will be level 1. That standard was based on Best Practice and the deer code . Then you find out that SNH and FC are in no way following best practice in fact have forgotten in a few years what its content is meant to do. It dose have plenty to do with the DI and best practice SNH and FC have for many years supported and had input in to England's BP and the DI Both financial and intellectual.

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    I'll be attending the advanced day as I felt the basic day I went to last year was first class, a sentiment echoed by all who came along.


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    I too attended the basic day last year and wholeheartedly agree with Nick - an excellent event.

    Looking forward to the 19th.


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    I will also be attending on the 19th . As per other posts the basic day was really good and well run

    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

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