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Thread: Complete Reloading kit for 223 and 243

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    Complete Reloading kit for 223 and 243

    Well I bought all this reloading stuff but never actually used it. Well almost never. Did have a go once.
    And to be fair for the amount of shooting I do it just isn't worth it. By the time I get to reload a box of cases I will have forgotten how to do it. That is how long a box will last me.
    So I have decided to sell up and put the space to better use. And the way luck runs I might magically find myself with a pile of land overloaded with deer and foxes after I sell everything. Here's hoping lol.

    I will add prices as soon as I can figure out how much to charge for stuff. If there is no price against it then I will be looking for one and will put it On as soon as possible. Don't rush me. But at least you will know it is coming up for sale shortly. I am happy to take advice from someone who isn't interested in buying and can help me with pricing.

    all prices are for collection.

    so first off.
    280 off Sierra boat tail 85 grain Gameking HP. 40 the lot. SOLD SUBJECT TO PAYMENT.
    100 off 223 55 grain Vmax 15 SOLD SUBJECT TO PAYMENT
    Hornady primer pocket reamer kit 6 SOLD
    RCBS hand priming tool 14 SOLD
    RCBS R3130 reloading scale 30 SOLD

    prices for the following will be added tomorrow evening when I get time figure out what they are and what they are worth.

    RCBS 223 set of dies 25 SOLD SUBJECT TO PAYMENT
    RCBS 243 set of dies 25 SOLD
    Redding Case lube pad 11 SOLD
    Redding powder Trickler 23 SOLD
    Press 90. SOLD
    Red Funnel 5 SOLD
    Case lube. 2 fluid ops. Opened. 4 SOLD
    no 7.1/2 small rifle bench rest primers 299 off. 9 SOLD SUBJECT TO QUERY
    Federal large rifle primers. 80 off 2 SOLD
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    Redding case lube pad, Redding powder trickler, red funnel and RCBS hand priming tool please. If you could PM me a price including postage to EH26 and method of payment please at your leisure. No rush whatsoever. Many thanks.

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    would be interested in the rcbs press if i can afford it

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    PM sent

    I will take the .223 Dies and V-max heads please.
    Hampshire also so collection should not be a problem

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