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Thread: GPS Advice

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    GPS Advice

    Looking at getting a GPS - the Garmin eTrex Legend or Vista seem to have all the geegaws I'd need and there are a few s/h on eBlag.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi Orion

    I have a Garmin Etrex, brought it for use when hunting in the mountains of New Zealand, the back track feature is good. No complaints.



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    go outdoors are doing a 1 day deal on 6th march on the Garmin Etrex H GPS for 59.99 (in store only)

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    Take a look at the oregon 550. It has a camera and will automatically geo tag your photos! I want one!

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    My advice is if you can find one get the Garman 12 as they are built like the proverbial. The modern Garmans whilst have great sceens etc are not that robust. I left my 12 on the top of one of the hills in the borders and found it again several months latter - just a fresh set of batteries and it runs perfectly.

    Plenty of paragliding / mounteneering / canoing friends use the later generation GPS and they are not robust enough nor particularly waterproof - I got my 12 of friend when he traded up to a new one - he now wants it back!

    The other option is an iPhone - have just got the 3GS and totally amazed by it. It is a work tool, but has some pretty good GPS apps etc. and a good camera.
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    The 550 is made by Garmin, take a look at this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post
    The other option is an iPhone - have just got the 3GS and totally amazed by it. It is a work tool, but has some pretty good GPS apps etc. and a good camera.
    Now that's a thought.

    I was looking to upgrade my business mobile sometime soon so it might kill two birds with one stone. Would also save having to carry two bits of kit around when one will do the job.

    I just had a quick look at the MotionX GPS App and it appears to have most of the functions that the Oregon 550 has as a standalone unit.

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    I've had handheld GPS units for a long time as I walk a lot in pretty featureless country, often alone. My first was a Garmin GPS 12XL and for some reason it appears that I took delivery of the first unit on earth as the Usenet (it was that long ago) GPS group went nuts when I posted saying I'd got one in my hand. It was funny at the time. Anyhow the 12 was a very basic unit, basically it gave you your grid ref and it could do a track back thing and that was it. However, it worked well and I used it for a very many years with no problems. Of late, say 4 or 5 years, I've bought a Garmin unit with a colour screen that can display maps and I have the OSGB maps for it. It is a great thing and it really is very useful to have the maps on screen, specially if you are out there for a purpose.

    The one thing I will say about a GPS is that when you need it bad you are usually in a tight spot and I wouldn't want to be depending on something designed by Apple under such circumstances, especially something that doesn't claim to be waterproof etc. and that was designed that way because it looks nice.

    With that in mind I'd say get yourself a GPS designed for the job. I imagine all the leading makers do something suitable for you. I'd also recommend a waterproof mobile phone, I got a Samsung and while it isn't fancy it will keep working when wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caorach View Post
    I'd also recommend a waterproof mobile phone, I got a Samsung and while it isn't fancy it will keep working when wet.
    caorach - that's an excellent point. It is a painful reminder to me that I've ruined two mobile phones that way, though when I've been fishing rather than stalking.

    The first was when I slipped on the bank of the Teifi whilst fishing at night for sea trout and rolled into the river.

    River 1, willie_gunn 0

    The second time I was on the North Tyne after salmon. I'd learned my lesson from the Teifi and I'd bought a waterproof box for the phone that I could put in the pocket of my waders. Casting away I heard a "plop" and saw my mobile phone box hit the water - sadly the box may have been waterproof but it didn't float and I saw it sink to the bottom.

    As the river was only about 3 foot deep and the bottom of the river was almost visible, I figured I cold reach down and feel around for the phone. As I did so, I heard a noise like rainfall - I then realised my life jacket was an automatic version.

    River 2, willie_gunn 0

    First cast afterwards I caught, landed and returned a 15lb salmon but I never did find the phone.

    River 2, willie_gunn 1

    Now I've got a Musto waterproof pouch on a long lanyard I can hang round my neck. It will take the phone or the GPS.


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    One point on GPS' and getting lost. I was on a winter mounteneering course end of January with the instructors being part of the Mountain Rescue teams. They hate GPS's as they always go down when needed and are the cause of many people getting lost.

    Instead you should rely on good map and compass skills and use the GPS as an additional aid rather than a primary nav aid.

    And if you are leaving a gralloched beast for pick up later have a couple of orange or white shopping bags in your pocket and tie these firmly to a leg or antlers - that way you can easily find it again.

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