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Thread: Best Calibre for Elaphurus Davidianus?

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    Best Calibre for Elaphurus Davidianus?

    As it says for this lolloping critter.



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    .308? Just guessing as I've never shot pere david

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    That would be Elaphurus davidianus then. Apparently 7.92x57 was used over there for a long time so probably not a bad choice..

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    270 always done fine
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    Same as for red deer - I'd go 6.5mm minimum. Any of the larger calibres will do the job - They are a big deer but not particularly tough. You don't need a magnum hyperspeed special to do a good humane job.


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    From their gait when running I'd say mounted on a palomino with spurs, stetson and a lasso should do you fine kemosabe.

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    They are indeed big, ugly and always in velvet at the wrong time!


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    Where on earth are you going to stalk Pere David's deer?

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    I have to agree .270 always got the job done for me.

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    in fairness like most of the bigger deer they are suppossed to be fairly soft if you hit them forward and a tounch high, but anything throwing 2,200 ft-lb upwards will certainly do the job very well.

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