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Thread: fullbore range near lancaster

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    fullbore range near lancaster

    does any of you know of a full bore range near lancaster

    cheers adrian

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    The BDS have one at Nether Kellet...... but it depends on how full bore your full bore doubt if it's up to .50cal BMG or 338 lapu... but I'm sure someone on here will have a better idea.
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    no its just for a 243 cheers

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    IF you are a BDS member, we have a branch shoot on 14th SEptember at Grayrigg (north of kendal) and on 5th OCtober at Over Kellet. BOth start at 10.30.

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    not a member so thats a no go any other ideas guys cheers for replies so far people


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    You could always join.......

    other options are Diggle near Oldham via Pennine shooting club, Gardners guns range at Longtown and Altcar or Warcop near Appleby via one of the clubs that use these ranges
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