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Thread: Sussex Police Firearms office efficient again

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    Sussex Police Firearms office efficient again

    Just thought I would mention in the light of numerous poor service posts from various licencing departments, the excellent service received again by Sussex Police, Spoke on the phone to Licencing on tuesday regarding a EU firearms pass, was told it could be dealt with there and then, confirmed the relevant details.....arrived this morning factually correct in every way, is it possible others could take a leaf from their book i wonder.
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    RP do you deal with Doug Burgess? A very helpful man i have found (not always backed up by his department!)

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    Not a name i am familiar with, i am on the Hampshire side of the county, I have to say that they have been excellent in every aspect, even providing answers to land checks outside the county within the hour, very accommodating & will always call back. Feel sorry for those that have to wait weeks or months.

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    That's a very good service indeed, and i have to give credit where is due as well... Met Police issued my SGC in 19 days, FAC in 21 days and European Fiream Pass in 2 days, from posting the application to getting my certificates on the door mat. (for the FEP i just sent a email)
    I feel for our fellow shooters who got to wait half a year for a variation...

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