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Thread: v nice .204 package

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    v nice .204 package

    any one after a nice .204 here it is.tikka t3 20" barrel duracoated black with picatinny rail.redding comp seater and bushing die,one less charlie moderator,200 once fired hornady brass not shot through this rifle but purchased off bbs.100 nosler on there third loading which is how many rounds the rifle has shot sub 300.min 600 39 grn sbk min 3 tubs of rl10x.reloading data for very accurate load but tame about 3150 fps,you may wish to develop a faster one.20 cal cleaning rod and any other bits i might find.scope/bipod etc not included.
    1150 for sale as package only or i'll keep if not sold in a week or so.

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    a rough costing
    rifle 975
    picatinny rail 50
    duracote 100
    mod 200
    600 bullets 150
    3 tubs of 10 x 100
    200 once fired hornady 50
    redding comp and bushing dies 200
    rod jags brushes 40 thats 1865 so all in a bargain

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    950 for the rifle mod and dies only.

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    WOW what a beauty. Have a bump from me good luck with sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    WOW what a beauty. Have a bump from me good luck with sale.
    thanks it has just been sold.subject to the normal.

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