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Thread: Red / sika rut

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    Red / sika rut

    Anyone seen any activity yet

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    Got a Red Stag last Friday with a pizzle full of jizz.

    it looked like the rut was going to be early but this good weather will have put them back a bit.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    No sign from the sika in Lancashire yesterday. Very mild though as Dan says. Plenty reports of reds breaking out from Scotland it seems.

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    just kicking off in the augus glens,lots of roaring and running around yesterday and this morning ,althought nothing holding hinds that we could see at the moment.

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    Seen four stags at stirlingshire the other night all still in a group feeding so no sign of the rut yet. Two big stags and to staggies and there was some antler locking going on but nothing serious. I dont know much about red but it looked more playful than full blown rutting.

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    Some big boys over here are roaring their heads off and have clearly been rolling around. Two royals are currently holding a few hinds each in a couple low glens, one having chased off some of the younger staggies in the group of hinds. A 13 pointer and a 14 pointer are in the areas and it won't be long before antlers clash for real. Bigboab, if they're all still feeding together then they have no intention of rutting as yet. Temperature is key. The bigger ones will go off on their own or feed with a 'friend' but they'll sit apart and tend to have their backs to one another, as if they've fallen out, that's when you know they're close to rutting.

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    going up next week so looking forward to seeing if it's kicking off yet

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    The red switch on this year is not as abrupt as last year - some ground not a peep & near home just hearing the odd moan - I expect it to kick off when the next cold chill arrives.

    Incidentally the pinkfoot geese also haven't arrived in one massive lump yet - just a few wink winks heard to date whereas last year they all arrived in their thousands on the same day that the reds started bellowing.

    I am beginning to think that the kick off is somehow linked to the position of the jet stream. My current theory is that the jet stream has been running south & not hard from the north west for the last few weeks & it will all kick off when this changes to a solid westerly - time will tell.


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    Had 2 red stags this evening and roaring all around.Earliest i have ever heard on this ground.

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    Saw a stag holding 10 hinds on Thursday near Tomatin.

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